Volta Mallorca
Illes de Futur

Illes de Futur

TRAILER “ILLES DE FUTUR” from avanç-andario on Vimeo.

The Llaüt, cultural heritage

The ‘llaüt’ is the traditional trawl fishing vessel of the Balearic Islands, although nowadays it is more a piece of craftsmanship whose use is reserved to enthusiasts and its presence within the Mallorcan fleet is essentially nominal. Read more  here

We start from Port PollençaPartimos de Puerto PollençaPartim del Port de Pollença

We start from Port Pollença

I’m writing from Port de Pollença, a wonderful bay in the island of Mallorca. Port de Pollença (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈpɔrd də poˈʎɛnsə]) (Puerto Pollensa in Castilian Spanish) is a small town in northern Majorca, Spain, situated on the Bay of Pollença. It is located about…