Smoke in paradise

Smoke in paradise

The threat of oil exploration in the western Mediterranean resonates in us like the voice of oil asking for the soul of an environment deeply dependent on fossil fuels (

Mallorca, the island tha we are going to circumnavigate, in many ways embodies the paradox of the places that stifle opportunities for idyllic sustainability under developmentalism, and its inability to catch up in terms of alternative energy sources. Their power plants are dependent on fossil fuels, while a network of freeways and highways overshadows a poor network of public transport favoring the massive presence of private vehicles: the percentage of cars per capita is among the highest in the world, there are 1,000 cars per 1,000 inhabitants, a figure comparable to that of some American and Japanese cities.

We will travel around the island paddling and sailing because not only because we like to navigate this way , but mostly because we want to help building a consistent negative attitude towards such surveys .

The sea is not free at all and it is dependent on fossil fuel too. The Balearic Islands meet the water standards set by the State and it is estimated that registrations of motor boats, jet skis, foldable inflatable and semi – rigid  boats, totaling more than 90% of the fleet, but sailing boats does not reach 10%. This estimate we make from a report on boat registrations in 2012, and the insular variation both in relation to the state assembly or possible developments in these few years may not be very discordant with these guidelines. Also in the sea, the actual king is the internal combustion engine.

Sure are laudable existing demonstrations against oil exploration, but this negative atitude is waiting to be filled with content since we need to assume a paradigm shift. In the present state of things, we all know that if the fossil surveys are not made in the Western Mediterranean will be elsewhere, and weare  witnessing at a distance disasters such as pollution of the Niger River or spills in the Gulf of Mexico, as if it were someonelse’s problems.

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