Volta Mallorca and GOB

Volta Mallorca and GOB

What drives a man to sail? Necessities, pleasure, lack of solid ground, is it a sort of escape?
Why navigate with a small llaut sailing and rowing, which was taken off the engine, as was originally supposed to be?
I know what it is. It ‘s all what I cannot do with my words. By sailing and rowing I can show you a different way to move, learn and share projects without pollution and without too much damage to this miracle called, by us humans, planet earth.
The boys and girls of the GOB are special. A pleasant encounter that has added to the project the depth of action in the long run than a nomad like me can not give. In all my projects basically I observe, report, link, and I try to put a seed.
Now, I recently met some persons here in Mallorca.. well.. who not only do this, but they also irrigate this seed, they defend it and treat it for sprouts and grow healthy. The GOB is a nonprofit organization founded in 1973. Acronym GOB arises from the original name of Ornithology Group of Islands. Currently, the official name is the Balearic Group of Ornithology and Defence of Nature, but kept their original letters
Their mission is to improve conservation and environmental conditions of the Balearic Islands in order to achieve an environment of social and ecological sustainability.
See more at: gobmallorca.com

Mallorca: this island-continent so rich in beauty, has produced some of the most interesting characters of our history, Ramon Lull, the famous cartographers that have marked our history, Antoni Font Gelabert, David Oliver Ramon, Mika Noguera, Cecile, Laura, Sebastià Vidal, Jaume Cifre etc etc. .. And even some of the biggest thieves and corrupted persons of the history. Hoteliers and builders in the forefront, in alliance with the too often miserable and arrogant figures of “power.” But what poor power?
It’s not easy to share such a beautiful island with people who try to exploit it without giving anything in return for it. The GOB has been a great enemy of these thieves and corrupted people and they managed to stop projects shamefully approved by so many governments. The island of Dragonera was perhaps the greatest result. An island of great naturalistic value likely to be covered by millions of square meters of concrete in the 70s. Collective action brought by citizens has meant that it did not. On the ashes of that episode was born GOB. Ornitology Group of Baleares.
Now the fronts on which it operates are many. On their website there is a map of the pain, for me. And a map of the hope at the same time: the action of the joint work to avoid this pain for the present and future generations. The ignorant who are still trying to earn money by exploiting and destroying nature are spreaded all over the world. The “misery around the corner”, hatred of nature, the lack of manners and respect for others versus education and respect and love for the others, for nature.

The road driving us to a durable and respectful living on this planest exists: and it’s not just one, they exist! They are road paved with attention and respect.
Attention requires commitment and commitment it requires attention.
Many of us are tired of the ugliness, of the miserable world of the speculators. We need beauty, harmony, silence, depletion of things, listening.
Many human beings are tired of polluting engines, big floating toys called megayachts, consuming, polluting and invading with their arrogance untamed coves; we think that, like us, many persons would like something simple, respectful and clean. And beautiful.
In Volta Mallorca we will try and give a report of the many beatiful landscapes, people, resources and problems. And we will do rowing and sailing. By fair means.

We will see beautiful things in this circumnavigation. And to do it without the noise of an engine will be a relief.

More effort, but also greater pleasure and attention. Sharing needs us. With a working, attent and generous brain.

Come and join us!
Hello Mr Bauza…, president of the Balearic Islads, you will be wellcome aboard.