Volta Mallorca


DavidOliverDavid Oliver / David Oliver tries to exert protective son of an island, but the sand will always out of hand. Try to be fair father of two beautiful daughters. 2005 brother of Nova Catalina a llaüt sincere look and humble appearance, a fishing boat 1940 was made. Will the vessel on board which will return to Majorca with Giacomo summer 2014. In background, your life will continue seasoned for his work as director and host of Flors program in the desert, IB3 Radio, where week after week talking about social issues. Professional past reminds particularly its stage as co-founder and director of the magazine Mardemars, a publishing project that hung over axles sea and culture. Their survival was possible between 1999 and 2005, until a heavy storm punished paper publications. Despite the wreckage, local sailors say Mardemars will navigate the digital ocean.

BrunoBruno Porto / 2011 Co-rower – Bruno Porto is manager and partner of the Brazilian charter/tourism company “Mar de Angra” since 1990. In the recent years he has worked as a skipper in the summer-seasons in Italy, were he became friend of Giacomo. During this period he has collaborated in different sailing projects on the Mediterranean Sea, and also on “Un Altro Po”.

CarlesBWCarles Francesc Baeza-ServerSociologist, skipper and PhD student in architecture. Carles is a defender of nature, heritage and fair relationship between people and between people and nature.

CTonelClaudio Tonel / Multimedia managementPartner and co-founder of Eden Exit, Claudio has been working in multimedia for over ten years, developing websites, CD/DVD media and other multimedia tools for Italian and international brands. He also holds lessons and seminars about programming and fair use of the web. Profile in Eden Exit

DraganBWDragan Miletic / PhotographyFreelance Photography and documentarist.

EMarconEmanuele Marcon / Communication Co-ordinatorPartner and co-founder of Eden Exit , Emanuele is a marketing and communication consultant with over fifteen years’ experience in corporate and social communication. He has worked in Italy and abroad for many companies and various public and governmental bodies.Profile in Eden Exit

EulaliaEulalia Valldosera / Internationally renowned spanish artist. Her works involve the viewer in the creative process, refusing the production of market objects. Her light installations and audiovisual performances investigate the psychological and social space through everyday objects, waste containers and household products. Participated in most international biennials alongside those of his generation of the 90s, and in retrospectives such as the Reina Sofia Museum in 2009.Video

FinaFine Schaumburg / Photography & communication assistantFine Schaumburg is German and grew up in Hannover. With 19, she left her homeland and since then has been working and studying in Rio de Janeiro, Sucre, Venice, Aix-en-Provence, Beijing, Antalya and finally Amsterdam, where she graduated 2008 in Cultural Management. Her last sailing-project can be found under: www.carol-carol.net.

JaimeBWJaime Ferrer-DalmauBorn in Barcelona on May 1971, with the good luck to have one grandparents near the sea (Maresme) and the other ones in the Pyrenees (Pallars Sobirà). This is what summer after summer and weekend after weekend forged his interest and respect for mother nature. “Mountains is where I charge energy. Sea is where I become creative!”. By the way…Entrepreneur, Industrial Engineer in Renewable Energies, MBA by Universidad de Navarra and Profesor at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and other Business Schools. My latest business venture, is to bring closer to Industrial processes, materials and solutions to reduce the impact on the environment of everything they use and produce.

JoannaJoanna BarckProfessor for cultural theory, PhD (Cologne, Linz)

MarcelMarcel DolegaCommunication designer, former CEO, PMP (Cologne)

marco_scuratiMarco Scurati / Strategic supportGraduated in Economics and New Media at Milan’s Bocconi University, he worked as consultant for Italian Telecom Web and as a content manager with Virgilio and Corriere online. Four years ago he decided to return to Venice, where he now runs a B&B.

MTinazziMatteo Tinazzi / Web ApplicationsPartner and co-founder of Eden Exit, Matteo is a web designer for about a decade now. He specialises in dynamic sites and interactive applications. His skills cover the main operating systems, languages and open source tools. Profile in Eden Exit

NBaggioNicola Baggio / R&D ManagerNicola is an aerospace engineer, R&D Manager at SOLON S.p.A. His main research areas are Concentrated photovoltaics, Building-Integrated Photovoltaic and E-mobility. He is also a member of the IEC CT82.

NicolaZagoNicola Zago / Communication consultant Nicola Zago is marketing manager at Lago Spa. He has a passion for web and social networking. He is studying how to transfer the philosophy of the internet and 2.0 into corporate organisation.

PatiPatricia De Ross / Graphic Designer Graduated in advertising at Unisinos, south of Brazil, and in Visual and Multimedia Communication at University of Venice – IUAV. She has been employed in many design agencies in Brazil, before relocating to Venice, where she works as a freelance.

SebastianSebastian Vidal Is craftsman shipwright (n° 936) and master craftsman caulk (n° 937) with many years of experience in the construction and repair of wooden boats.

XavierXavier Moya / Disheveled mallorcan aborigen, investing time in building bridges between audiovisual, web development and educational phsycology.