Volta Mallorca
The journey has begunEl viaje ha comenzadoEl viatge ha començat

July, 27th 28th, 2014 The journey has begun. On the first day, as always, brings a little ‘excitement and apprehension. Departure at 9:20 from Cala Gamba, a small port with Llauts. The president of the club, Pere, with us and …

Some photos of the departureAlgunas fotos de la salidaAlgunes fotos de la sortida


Press releasePress releasePress release

Bajar el archivo pdf: Dossier Volta Mallorca Dissabte, 26 de juliol de 2014 Comença la singladura de la “Nova Catalina”: la Volta a Mallorca sense motor, al rem i a la vela. Persones i col·lectius s’uneixen per defensar la preservació de…

Legs of the tripEtapas del viajeEtapes del viatge

• 27 juliol. Cala Gamba – Port d’Andratx • 29 juliol. Port d’Andratx – Sant Elm • 30 juliol. Sant Elm – Sóller • 1 agost. Sóller – Port de Pollença • 3 agost. Port Pollença – Port Alcúdia •…

Why "Volta Mallorca"?¿Por qué "Volta Mallorca"?Per què "Volta Mallorca"?

A Circumnavigation of the Mallorca Island to raise the attention of as many persons as possible about the water issues and learn and share the situation and the potential of activating projects of sustainable economies.

Volta Mallorca and GOBVolta Mallorca y GOBVolta Mallorca i GOB

What drives a man to sail? Necessities, pleasure, lack of solid ground, is it a sort of escape? Why navigate with a small llaut sailing and rowing, which was taken off the engine, as was originally supposed to be? I…

Pirates consciousPiratas conscientesPirates conscients

Infographic about Pirates conscious. Part of the issues of the GOB.  

We are leaving on July 27th! Estamos de partida en 27 de julio!

We are leaving on July 27th! Meeting with the press at the Port of Cala Gamba, Mallorca on July 26th Thanks to our collaborator GOB Mallorca. They have made some extraordinary projects to protect the environment.

We are coming ...Estamos llegando ...Estem arribant ...

Volta Mallorca for bureaucratic reasons related to the boat, it is moved to August. Will notify you as soon as the date.

Making progress IIVamos avanzando IIAnem avançant II

Where it was before the engine now support the feet to paddle hard.
Thanks to Joan shipwright Mario Rabassa for the work he has done.