Volta Mallorca
Making progressVamos avanzandoAnem avançant

Here you will see banks placed and repair the leak.

New CatalinaNueva CatalinaNova Catalina

The engine is off and these are the real lines of the Nova Catalina. No more drag of propeller and even more of the holes in the rudder and hull.

¡Bye bye fuel ! ¡Bye bye fuel ! Bye bye fuel !

El motor ja no hi és; el Nova Catalina se’n va alliberar el dia 08 de maig. La fesomia interior del llaüt ha començat a canviar. Hem guanyat espai, veiem les costelles abans ocultes per la mecànica i comencem a…

Smoke in paradiseHumo en el paraisoFum en el paradís

The threat of oil exploration in the western Mediterranean resonates in us like the voice of oil asking for the soul of an environment deeply dependent on fossil fuels (oceana.org). Mallorca, the island tha we are going to circumnavigate, in…

The “Nova Catalina” laüt sailing from the past to the present and futureEl llaüt “Nova Catalina” navega desde el pasado al presente y el futuroEl llaüt "Nova Catalina" navega des del passat al present i el futur

The “Nova Catalina” is the boat in which we will sail in our Volta a Mallorca, a “llaüt” (the traditional Mediterranean wood boat double ended) that was born in an evolutionary limit: she was conceived in 1940 for fishing in…

Volta Mallorca 2014Volta Mallorca 2014Volta Mallorca 2014

A Circumnavigation of the Mallorca Island with a Llaüt, the traditional double ended fishing boat in August 2014. To raise the attention of as many persons as possible about the water issues and learn and share the situation and the…

Mallorca Blackout

Mallorca Blackout from gobmallorca on Vimeo. See more about this project on Mallorca Blackout

Illes de Futur

TRAILER “ILLES DE FUTUR” from avanç-andario on Vimeo.

The ‘llaüt’ is the traditional trawl fishing vessel of the Balearic Islands, although nowadays it is more a piece of craftsmanship whose use is reserved to enthusiasts and its presence within the Mallorcan fleet is essentially nominal. Read more  here

We start from Port PollençaPartimos de Puerto PollençaPartim del Port de Pollença

I’m writing from Port de Pollença, a wonderful bay in the island of Mallorca. Port de Pollença (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈpɔrd də poˈʎɛnsə]) (Puerto Pollensa in Castilian Spanish) is a small town in northern Majorca, Spain, situated on the Bay of Pollença. It is located about…